Come join us and dance off that turkey and dressing
at the 7th (almost) annual Smorgasbord of Swing!

This year's workshop will be Saturday, November 24 at Step N Out Dance Studio. We have 2 tracks of instruction in Lindy Hop, Balboa and jazz movements. There will be a wide range of material to ensure that dancers of all levels will find something new and fun. We're welcoming the return of Valerie Salstrom, Jesse Fatherree, Erwin and Cristina Amurao as our instructors.

We also have Keith Jones and the Makeshifts
at College Hill Town Hall from 9:00 PM until 1:00 AM!

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Valerie Salstrom & Jesse Fatherree

Valerie Salstrom is one of America's busiest Lindy and Balboa teachers, Valerie has a reputation for her finesse on the dance floor. She emphasizes musicality and connection regardless of the style of swing. Since 2002 Valerie has taken home the 2003 National Jitterbug Championships (NJC) Grand Slam Championship, became both the 2004 NJC Balboa Champions and the 2004 American Lindy Hop Championships (ALHC) American Showcase Champions and most recently, (in 2005) she returned to ALHC to place 2nd in the same competition. Valerie is the organizer of the 'All Balboa Weekend' held annually in her home town of Cleveland. This Weekend event first started in 2001 and was the first major dance camp dedicated solely to Balboa. It features the American Classic Balboa Championships (ACBC), one of the nations most respected and sought after Balboa competitions.

To see Valerie's vast list of accomplishments, visit her web site:

Jesse Fatherree is one of the founding members of the SwinGallery, Ohio's longest running weekly venue. Starting 1999, Jesse began traveling the country learning various dance styles including Lindy Hop, Shag, Charleston, Balboa, Blues, and West Coast Swing. He has competed from New York to LA and has somehow taken home an uncanny number of 3rd place wins over the years. His craziest venture was participating the dance party marathon with Valerie and 40 other dancers. The dance was 52 hours and 3 minutes and earned them a Guinness World Record.

Cristina and Erwin Amurao

Cristina and Erwin are respected swing dance ambassadors and instructors who have been dancing for over 20 combined years. As students of Ryan Francois, Jenny Thomas, Steven Mitchell, Virginie Jensen, Kenneth and Helena Norbelie, and Frankie Manning himself, they have adopted much of the traditional teachings of Lindy Hop. When you add the traditional with Cristina's ballet and hip hop background and Erwin's breakdance/house and hip hop background, a fun and entertaining swing style is created. Known for their patience and clear, concise dance instruction, Cristina and Erwin can get you to learn swing dance steps you thought were impossible. You don't have to know how to dance. Just bring the willingness to learn and they will do the rest.

Classes will be held at Step N Out Studio
721 Madison Ave.
Covington, KY 41011

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Evening dance will be at College Hill Town Hall
1805 Larch Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45224

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Classes will be at Step N Out Studio
Track 1 Track 2
12:30 Lindy I Smooth Style Lindy
1:30 Lindy II Dips and Tricks
2:30 Charleston Fundamentals Musicality
3:30 Charleston Goodies Balboa Fundamentals
4:30 Transitions More Balboa Goodness
5:30 Dump-truck o' Moves Super-Combo Moves

Don't forget to join us for open dancing with
Keith Jones and the Makeshifts!!!
from 9:00 PM until 1:00 AM at College Hill Town Hall.

Online registration is closed but there's plenty of room!

The workshop starts at 12:30 at Step N Out so come join us there!
If you're just coming to dance to The Makeshifts, come join us at College Hill Town Hall!

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